Celebration of an icon – 30 things about Steve Jobs

Whether you’re just finding out, or you have no idea who this man is, this blog post will give you diverse filters to look into the life of the Late Steve Jobs.

Born in February, 1955, after graduating from Homestead High School, he went to Reed College, and dropped out after one semester. The remaining of his education was gotten from informally auditing classes. Steve is known to be the forerunner of what is currently about to be a trillion dollar corporation, known to be richer than some countries even.

Steve Jobs died in October, 2011, of a respiratory arrest due to a tumor. He is survived by family, friends and maybe the iPhone you are currently using to read this.

The First Apple Logo Source Wikipedia

The First Apple Logo – Source Wikipedia

We have some surprising or not so known facts about the man who changed the world in many ways.

1. He was an adopted kid.

2. Steve jobs is part muslim: His father’s name is Abdulfattah Jandali and is a Syrian Muslim while his mother is American.

3. He denied paternity of this first child. Steve claimed to be sterile. He eventually became a good father.

4. Steve Jobs was a pescetarian. It means someone who eats fish but not meat. Apparently, pescetarians have a less chance of heart disease than regular meat-eaters, they have better odds than vegetarians.

5. He doesn’t give any money to charity.

6. Before Apple, Steve was known for the mass-hit game ‘Breakout’ along with co-founder Steve Wozniak.

7. Steve Job once used LSD while travelling around India. He has referred to that period of his life, “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life”. Maybe that was why Apple’s slogan for many years was ‘Think Different’. Steve sure did. He eventually adopted the practise of Zen Buddhism.

8. One of the informal classes Steve audited was a calligraphy class. Do you now know get why Apple pays attention to typography and fonts?

9. Steve Jobs use to sleep on dormitory floors, returned coke bottles for money and survived of free meals. Yes, the very Steve Jobs wasn’t always a millionaire.

10. In 1985, Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company. During that time, he found (or bought) Pixar, an animation studio. Steve later returned to Apple as CEO in 1997 and saved the company from failure.

Apple III Lisa Computer - Source: Wikipedia

Apple III Lisa Computer – Source: Wikipedia

11. After getting kicked out of Apple, Steve tried to fly as a civilian astronaut on a space shuttle but was rejected. He even considered starting a computer company in the Soviet Union.

12. Coincidence or not? Jobs named a new Apple computer, the Apple Lisa, even though he denied paternity over the child. Steve claimed it stood for Local Integrated Software Architecture (or LISA?).

13. Steve Jobs annual salary at Apple was $1 since 1997 when he returned as CEO till he died.

14. Steve Jobs had an entire team at Apple dedicated to studying the experience of opening boxes to achieve excitement and emotional response… which is now common with Apple products.

15. Steve Jobs was a well known egomaniac. He was featured in Fortune’s list of America’s toughest Bosses in 1993.

16. Steve Jobs is linked with 346 United States patents as either primary or co-inventor. Most of the patents being for design.

17. Steve Jobs never learned how to code.

18. Steve Jobs had a brief fling with Joan Baez. She left him for his favorite musician – Bob Dylan.

19. Steve Jobs hated PCs.

20. Steve Jobs never drove with a license plate on his Silver Mercedes. The law in California allows a car owner to use a car without plates for 6 months. Steve simply changed the car every 6 month to avoid driving with plates.

21. Steve Jobs didn’t like Google entering the phone market with Android… since Apple didn’t enter the search market.

22. Steve Jobs was a mentor for Google founders, Sergey Brin & Larry Page. Maybe that was why he was mad at them.

23. Steve Jobs last works were “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow”.

24. Steve Jobs day has been declared as Sunday, October 16 in California by Gov Jerry Brown.

Steve Jobs Apple-Source Flickr/Marcopako

25. Steve gave the name ‘Apple’ because he said it came before Atari in the phone book. He also said because he likes apples and they had to come up with a name by 5 pm that day.

26. His full name is Steven Paul Jobs.

27. He once hid his porsche and his assistant’s own as well when an investor was coming to visit.

28. Steve Jobs paid attention to detail. It is said that he once called a Google Engineer on a Sunday with an emergency…. the gradient on their ‘0’ was slightly off.

29. Older Apple laptops had the logo upside down. It was a user-friendliness decision.

30. He was bullied for being ‘odd’. He told his parents he would drop out of school if they didn’t move. They moved to Los Altos in California.

Reed College photo handout

Reed College photo handout

1. Steve was moved to the night shift at Atari because he rarely showered and walked around barefoot in the Atari office.

2. Steve Jobs parked in handicap parking zone.

3. Steve Jobs GPA was 2.64/4 or 3.3/5

4. He was buried in an unmarked grave.

Watch this motivating video by Steve Jobs.

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