5 hacks to getting your creative juice in Lagos

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Staying creative in Lagos, Nigeria can sometimes be impossible.

The hustle and ever-busy state of the city could be a very thick wall to pierce when it comes to tapping into the juices that move your creative engine.

While waiting for a messiah in the form of Government… or a real messiah, here are 5 things you can do to find your creative energy and get back to churning out great ideas and following through on execution.

1. Exercise: For real. It doesn’t mean join a gym or run miles along Awolowo/Lekki-even though this also would work-it means doing a quick round of exercise can help to loosen your muscles, increase flow of blood and get your mind to reset enough to come up with new pathways. Try some quick exercise whether in the bathroom or right there in your bedroom office. If you can’t do any exercise at all for whatever reason, see number 2 tip below.

Do some exercise on the spot.

2. Take a walk: Lagosians tend to drive to places they can walk to and then use the runway machine at the gym.

[Tweet “Apart from the health advantage taking a walk brings, it helps the mind tap into its sub-conscious by going on auto-pilot for the duration of the walk.”]

You will likely be navigating familiar surroundings, so your mind doesn’t have to do much and it can function on auto-pilot… meaning when you return back to work, your sub-conscious could have chewed a huge chunk of the challenge you were facing and you can now come up with an idea or see a way to that solution.

Take a ‘creative’ walk.

3. Plan ahead: It might be tempting to think you really do not need to plan and to manage things on an impulse but reality dictates that making plans ahead of time can save you from making creative mistakes and can help your creative process. By combining a bit of creative focus with a mind map of where you want to be, your mind can begin to draw the necessary pathways and solutions that take you from point A(where you are) to point B(where you plan to be).

As a creative, yes, plan ahead.

4. Do something weird: Your creative engine might have gone into a loop or a matrix and you can’t find your way out. You need to break out of this illusion. Doing something you wouldn’t usually do can help to jar the mind out of its current state and focus on what you need it to focus on.

[Tweet “Taking a class or picking a book on an unlikely subject or kayaking on the Lagos lagoon are good options.”]

They can set your mind on a new course and maybe just add the pinch of creative sauce you need to get kicking.

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5. Think inside the box: The usual adage is to think outside the box. This works, but sometimes, going back into the box helps you think out of it in an entirely different way you haven’t thought of.

[Tweet “Binding your creative engine with rules can help it innovate and find a new ‘leak’ it can exploit.”]

Go back within the box, go over those rules you feel are below your current standard and rethink them with new experience.

Think within the box.

We hope this 5 hacks work for you, to recap, try some exercise to loosen the body and increase blood flow. Secondly, take a walk to put your mind on auto-pilot, you also have to remember to plan ahead so you can apply creative focus with a mind map. You can also try doing something weird, which means doing something you wouldn’t usually do and lastly, go back within the box to get fresh ideas from old rules based on new experiences you have.

All the best.

Do you have some ideas you use to stay creative? Share with us in the comments below, and remember to share this article if you found it useful.

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